Weekend Workshop i Herstedøster

                       den 15-16. august 2015


Lørdag kl. 14.15 - 17.00 og søndag kl. 10.00 - 17.00.

Mark Cleary er international Healer og underviser med mange års erfaring. Han er Sjælsro Skolernes mangeårige underviser og de af jer der har mødt ham, ved hvorfor.


Mark arbejder med Strukturel Healing/Fysisk healing der virker. Du kan læse mere om Mark Cleary her.


Mark Skriver:
This weekend will cover aspects of physical healing for people who are carrying injury in all parts of the body. I will go into detail about structural imbalance and the benefits of realignment on a structural level. I will share and explain how to use techniques I work with on a daily basis in clinic to help relive pain. We will explore deep movement within the body and show how you can work with it to treat pain. This is open to beginners and will benefit anyone who has studied with me in the past and wants enhance their therapeutic skills. It will also benefit practitioners of other modalities of bodywork and healing."


Pris 1250 kr. der betales ved tilmelding til Mobile pay: 28560066 eller konto: reg 5013 kto 1210051 






Der vil i forbindelse med Mark Clearys besøg i Danmark blive mulighed for at booke tid til private sessions.

425 kr pr session 

Tidsbestilling via sms til Trine Egsholm 29431977


Advanced Healing Techniques
With Mark Cleary